The following received from a master on-board a Dutch flagged general cargo vessel:
We have to make pre arr. Documents in every port, as you know Europe is in process of making paper work easier for seaman , the so called single window administration, it is a farse and a failure so far. For this simple trip within Europe a lot of paper works are required as sample this trip loading salt in Porto Empedocle then loading on deck 6 windmill blades in Castellon, the blades are to be delivered in Eemshaven and the salt to Bremen. In pre single window days we had IOM forms that were accepted everywhere,
now every country is trying to invent the wheel again, and our administration is going haywire, in each port we get other form, for ISPS/Waste/crewlist, so in each port we are making a new crew list a new ISPS list and waste list, although all look the same , only
their ( respective ports ) forms are allowed, please look at Casttelon papers, is ridicules, crew list is a joke, and pre arr 2016 doc in word format is repetition on other forms, we had to insert 2x ISPS and waste details, and DO fill in forms, otherwise you will not be
granted access to port.


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