You have found the provider of operations software for small and mid-sized tank, bulk and other cargo ship operations where each voyage is unique and you need to have all the operations and financial controls at your fingertip.


The TankBulk solution is built for operators to have maximum control over their operation and holds functionality for:


Control and manage your framework contracts with charterers. Store the contract details, rates and loading/discharging ports, port agents, brokers&commissions, etc. included in your framework contracts. You can also follow up with reporting on your contracts from a financial perspective.


Register your voyages under contracts with the fixture details and send orders to your captains. Control the voyage fixtures with different statuses and assign the fixtures to vessels.

Spot fixtures

Register spot fixtures not covered by framework contracts directly with charter party details and voyage fixture in one process.

Time charter

Also time charter contracts can be managed in the same system. Each invoicing period is a separate charter entity and is held against the invoicing periods.

Port Events

Allow your captain to report directly to your system arrival, loading, discharging and departure information. All information you need for laytime calculations, demurrage, dispatch, etc. directly into your system.

Daily log

Your crew can access and input their position, consumption, bunker status, speed and current information for your regular update.

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